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Staffing, Hiring, and Recruiting Capabilities

Cayuse has regularly and continuously engaged in staffing services since its inception. Cayuse Holdings
(parent company of Cayuse Civil Services, LLC) and its subsidiaries currently employ more than 600
personnel across all its subsidiaries. Cayuse maintains an additional pool of potential consultants and
employees whose qualifications closely align with the our client's need as well as a long list of strategic partners and teammates we work with to deliver continuous, dependable staffing support for projects.


Our robust deployed processes, including tracking team certifications, qualifications, and security credentials, help personnel provide support while minimizing staffing changes. We deploy our effective change management processes to make certain we seamlessly provide high-quality service to our clients.

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  • Recruiting and Retaining Diverse and Skilled Staff

  • Payroll and Benefits

  • Back-Office Support

  • Scheduling and Conducting Candidate Interviews

  • Confirming Eligibility of All Potential Hires

  • Pre-Screening Applicants for Work Requirements

  • Hiring Personnel Quickly

  • Providing Full-Time Payroll and Benefits

  • Delivering Training for Staff and Contractors

  • Integrating Hired Staff into Existing Client Reporting Structures

  • Verifying Required Employment Documents for All Personnel Hired

  • Conducting Verifiable Clearance and Background Checks

  • Checking Employment References

  • Meeting All Federal and State Government Employment Requirements

  • Maintaining Payroll Records on All Employees

  • Withholding Payroll According to Requirements

  • Handling Human Resources

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